for the newly built kindergarten drejens in danish town kolding by architect firm +m, the team of martin larsen, artist pernille priergaard worsøe and architect david garcia won the 1st price in a competition for the design of an installation designed to inspire children to engage themselves in imaginative play as well as to enable spatial experiences and reflections.
the superkegler installation is defined somewhere between design, art and architecture and consists of six elements, all sharing a conical shape, that through a play on orientation, proportion and scale gives each element its distinct character.
three of the elements are placed close together in the kindergarten section. they are large in scale, creating spaces within and around them thus inevitably creating social spatial experiences. in the nursery three smaller elements are placed at a distance from each other. the hope is that toddlers will be exited as they try to conquer the cones. superkegler was unveiled together with the new buildings in september 2009.