quash pavilions for the urban landscape is a project carried out in collaboration with architect david garcia. the proposition of the project is to make use of those prominent, yet temporarily vacant areas always found in cities by placing portable squash pavilions.
the pavilions could stand for months as well they could be permanent installations that would celebrate sport by putting it on display. our proposal is a typology, which is found somewhere between building and product. a modular structure made of a kit of parts, that can be transported, put together, dismounted and stored with relative ease. at the same time the pavilion offers flexibility in size, making the available area suit other sports or events.
a feasibility study was made for the danish town vejle, for placing the squash court in one of the central squares of the town. the british engineering firm arup has conducted climate and environmental modelling to prove the usability of the pavilion during most climatic conditions experienced in the nordic countries. we would be delighted to take this project further with a city, company or organization.