the unique glass ware range modus was designed in partnership between martin larsen and architect david garcia.

” with the modus range we have aimed at achieving maximum functionality through a minimal design.”

all the elements in the modus range are based on the same conical geometry, which allow the glasses and bowls to be stacked with content. thus, modus invites to uses beyond the obvious functions and is ideal for serving and storage.

the modus range consists of drinking glasses in three sizes (0,15l, 0,25,l & 0,4l) as well as  pitches in two sizes (0,7l & 1,0l) as well as bowls various sizes   all elements of the range can be used for both hot and cold contents.

the main driver for the project has been the wish for a stable drinking glass that will not tip over easily when on the desk next to the computer. the concept is simple, yet at the same time beautiful, robust and versatile: a conical shaped glass with equal top and base diameter allowing for the glasses to stack independent of their height. look out for launch spring 2023.