bio bio

bio bio is a research project on new natural composite materials for product design. the project is a collaboration with danish textile designer karina nielsen rios and with senior engineer tom løgstrup andersen from risø, the danish national laboratory for sustainable energy. with the project, we are aiming at developing new materials that combine the brilliant mechanical properties of natural fibers with their tactile aesthetic qualities by casting a woven textile in a bio-polymer. the outcome of the first year of experimentation was exhibited at the biennial for design at the danish design museum trapholt over the summer of 2009. karina and martin were awarded a prize by the danish arts foundation for their work as well as they have received funding from the danish national bank’s fund for arts and design. 2nd round of the project was carried out the following year and scoped at designing and producing a functional furniture prototype. design-intern henk hatzmann worked hard on all aspects of the project. we are striving at getting closer to a product for manufacture in 100% bio based composite materials.